The objective of FULLPHASE is the transition of PA (photoacoustics) imaging from a lab-based technique to a low-cost portable multi wavelength combined PA and US (ultrasound) system. In order to reach that goal, the FULLPHASE partners offer specific expertise over complementary backgrounds in diode laser technology, laser beam shaping, ultrasound imaging technology, and system integration. The impact of the FULLPHASE system will be shown in oncology, rheumatology and cardio vascular disease.

FULLPHASE will integrate different scientific and technological expertise, for point-of-care early diagnosis, by means of specific knowledge, which will be directed towards: 

  • Multi wavelength laser diode beam source delivering very high energy pulses.
  • Highly efficient diode laser driver.
  • Multi-wavelength diffractive optical beam shaping.
  • Optimal light delivery.
  • PA imaging depth of a few centimeters.
  • Advanced beam forming and temporal resolution.
  • Quantitative functional and structural imaging.
  • In-vitro and ex-vivo verification.
  • Preclinical validation.